Life at MTX

“The companies in our Group offer diverse opportunities in cooperation with everyone who wants to work, who can be responsible and who has the desire to grow and build something important. We strive to provide a stimulating working environment and to promote creativity and innovation. We value both experienced experts and talented graduates who want to develop and bring their ideas to practice. Have a look at some of the stories of our colleagues.”

Jana Zimová
Vice-Chairman of the Board & Chief Human Resources Officer

HR policy

The HR and culture strategy is based on the overall business strategy. It puts emphasis on sustainability, ethics, promotion of education, development and effective transfer of our unique knowledge and skills.

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In the area of education, we have integrated the concept for a corporate ACADEMY based on four pillars:

  1. We work with potential candidates on the JOB MARKET
  2. We focus intensely on ADAPTATION of new employees
  3. We effectively increase their qualification and skills via TRAINING
  4. We transfer our unique know-how thanks to the pillar of the SUCCESSION programme


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Discover some interesting stories of our colleagues

We are proud to have the opportunity to work with so many different colleagues and their talents. Discover a few of our stories about professional career, success and interests. We are a great place of cooperation for everyone!

Katka studied quality management at the Faculty of Materials Science and Technology at the Technical University of Ostrava. She started working for ALINVEST in 2018 as the head of the ALUMINIUM Quality Management where she was involved in production, technologies, claim settlement and customer communication. In October 2022, she took the opportunity to become the Quality Director and became responsible for the entire quality management system. At present, Katka methodologically leads a team of 60 people who support her and on whom she can rely. The greatest current challenge for Katka and her team is the application of new trends in certification such as ESG, ASI, TISAX, based on the current market and customer requirements.

Kateřina Vitásková
Quality Director

Martina graduated from the Secondary Vocational School of Transport and Tourism in Krnov. Aluminium became her passion right after her graduation in 2006 when she started working for a company specializing in purchase and sale of metallurgical material. In 2019, Martina joined the Metalimex team as one of the members of the Sales Back Office (customer service). At this position, Martina was involved in projects with aluminium plates and became a specialist in this field. Her determination and engagement brought her to the position of the Sales Back Office Manager for the ALUMINIUM Division (aluminium plates, sheets, strips and foil) where she currently manages a team of seven people. Martina is a fair boss and makes her team know that she respects them, supports them and strives to arrange the best working conditions possible and opportunities for development for her team.

Martina Tuháčková
Sales Back Office Manager METALIMEX

Eva started working for OKK Koksovny six months ago and she has successfully passed the adaptation process, which is a part of the second pillar of the MTX Group Academy. Her profession is a bit unusual: she is a lathe operator and she has mastered her skills thanks to her interest and studies of machining. All her colleagues are happy to help and support her. Her positive attitude, willingness to learn and adapt to the working environment have made Eva a valuable member of the team.

Eva Gluszná
Lathe Operator OKK

Dan started working for the MTX Group in 2016. His first job in the Group was to take care of deliveries of coking coal from overseas for OKK Koksovny. His responsibilities included, among other things, the task to eliminate risks arising from the fluctuations for coal prices. He gradually added more commodities to his portfolio and learned about other areas of business in METALIMEX. He took over responsibility for trading with primary aluminium and securing the prices of non-ferrous metals at LME, the London Stock Exchange. He gradually learned about the risks and rules of trading in most commodities that METALIMEX trades and thus became a suitable candidate for the position of the Chief Commercial Officer at METALIMEX in June 2022. At present, he manages almost 90 people in the business divisions.

Dan Trnka
Chief Commercial Officer METALIMEX

Ivo is the Chief Technologist at Povrly Copper Industries where he has been working for 22 years. His work includes all the technological procedures in the entire company and making sure that everyone knows what to do and how to handle the machines. Ivo says that he still enjoys his job, even after such a long time. He is happy that the company is doing well and he continuously invests into new technologies and processes. The new investments help him develop personally and provide the whole company a guaranteed future.

Ivo Vavřínek
Chief Technologist Povrly Copper Industries

Jan has been working for Strojmetal Aluminium Forging as the head of the machining shop for almost three years. He graduated from the Manufacturing Technology and Management in Industry at the Brno University of Technology. His work includes a lot of everyday meetings with colleagues, whether across the company or at the machining shop. He is striving to introduce a cascade management in the machining shop, to give the team leaders more responsibility and power. Continuous self-education is essential at his job. He likes that he can immediately put the things he learns to practice as the company continuously evolves and modernizes.

Jan Žídek
Head of the machining shop

The story behind the work of Jaromír Novotný (the head of the centre) is quite extraordinary. Both his grandparents and later his father worked for OKK Koksovny. He followed them and started his professional career in the coke plant in 2003. It was not easy for him. He started from the very beginning. He gradually grew and changed several jobs in the company. He also graduated from the Technical University of Ostrava while working. He still enjoys working for our company. And why? Because coke plant workers are good people. Jaromír manages 250 of them as the head of the coking oven and coal service centre.

Jaromír Novotný
Head of centre

Jiří Štofčo started working as the first metal roller at Povrly Copper Industries in 1994; he trained for a non-ferrous metal roller for the factory. He followed his parents’ footsteps, who also worked for the factory. Today, his wife works at the company’s laboratory, his nephew is a member of his team and his son has a part-time job at the gatehouse in the summer. Jiří started at the formatting line and then completed the military service. He came back to the rolling machine with four cylinders (quatro) as the third metal roller and after about ten years switched to the new rolling mill. A few years later, some older guys from the quatro retired and so he returned there and gradually trained to become the first roller again. Patience, prudence and sense of responsibility are advantages he can use not only at work, but also as a volunteer fire fighter in Povrly.

Jiří Štofčo
First metal roller

Veronika Koláčková does not have any engineering education. But she has worked her way at Strojmetal Aluminium Forging from a blue-collar worker position to the leader in a few years. Anyone who can pursue a goal can manage a modern forging shop and Veronika is a proof of that. She started at the penetration department where her tasks included detecting hidden defects and cracks, then she spent four years as the control operator at the penetration line where she managed a team of up to ten colleagues per shift. Veronika combines empathy with efficiency at work.

Veronika Koláčková
Leader of the forging

Zdeněk is a leader of the metallurgical production at ALINVEST Břidličná where he is responsible for the operation of the melting shop. He is in charge of staffing shifts, ensuring there is enough material to melt, educational events, as well as providing all the information that the employees might need for their work. He knows the melting shop very well and he has mastered the entire technological procedure. He started working there as the third furnace operator when he was 21 and he started from the bottom. He has been the leader for one year and this year he will celebrate thirty years of employment with ALINVEST.

Zdeněk Vrána
Leader of the metallurgical

Zdenek joined the ICE team in 2016 as a software developer and now he is a Senior SW Developer and Trainer. He joined us on the recommendation of friends who were starting a company. At ICE, he values the team atmosphere, mutual support and values, which he finds different from his previous work as a self-employed person. As a trainer, he trains new team members and helps them develop their skills.

Zdeněk Ondráček
Senior SW Developer and Trainer

Lucie joined us in 2022 as a Project Controller. Her role involves overseeing the financial aspects of projects, communicating with teams and issuing invoices. Lucie has quickly adapted to ICE's freer and more flexible culture. Outside of work she enjoys swimming, reading and chilling out with a beer. ICE means fun, teamwork and flexibility to her.

Lucie Pospíchalová
Project Controller

We would like to introduce to you our colleague Gokul Kannan Krishnaswamy, a talented member of our team. With 10 years of experience in the automotive industry, Gokul is a valuable asset to the team due to his expertise in researching and developing automotive components and systems, including work on safety belts, transmissions, brakes, and electric parking brakes. He completed his bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering at PSG College of Technology in India and his master's degree in Computational Mechanics at the University of Stuttgart in Germany. As theHead of Product Development at Strojmetal Singen, he is responsible for designing new projects, managing projects from the initial phase to serial production, process improvements, and providing technical sales support. His ability to make quick decisions and excellent communication skills are valuable assets to our company. Gokul's goal is to contribute to the company's growth and development while sharing his extensive knowledge and passion for innovation.

Gokul Kannan Krishnaswamy
Head of Product Development