HR Policy

HR strategie


  1. Talent recruitment and preservation: We believe everyone is talented and its use in the right way can benefit and be enjoyed by everyone. We are aware that working with talent is essential for our success. To address and keep talented employees, we offer competitive remuneration and benefits, as well as development and growth opportunities for everyone.
  2. Employee engagement: We focus on building a positive work culture and on engaging employees in the events by regular communication and feedback, satisfaction surveys and open-door policy.
  3. Diversity and integration: We are aware of and appreciate the values of diverse teams. We promote building such teams in the work environment with our activities and set processes.
  4. Development of talents: We invest into the development of our people through the concept of corporate academies. They do not only offer training in the professional and personal development area, but also career growth opportunities.
  5. Workforce and succession planning: We regularly assess the requirements for the quality of workforce and create plans to recruit qualified employees for the right jobs. We have prepared succession plans to ensure the transfer of essential know-how to competent employees.
  6. Compliance with law and regulations: We work ethically. Our regulations and HR policies are fully compliant with the valid laws and regulations.
  7. Relationship with employees: We create and implement effective activities for building the relationship with employees. We openly communicate, resolve problems, promote activities strengthening teamwork and process feedback from our colleagues.

HR mission

To seek, develop and motivate talented and highly efficient employees in the long term in a professional, effective and innovative way.

HR vision

To promote sustainable development of a strong group where each company is the preferred and respected employer in their field and region, thanks to a culture built on professionalism, experience, personal responsibility, innovations and teamwork.