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Are you studying or have you just graduated?

Have a look at the cooperation we offer. Internship, part-time work, graduate trainee programmes… Read the stories of those who started their successful career with us as students or graduates. Contact us even if you are not sure – we will figure something out!

Student stories

Vojtěch is a talented student in the final year of the bachelor study in the field of Labour Safety at the Technical University of Ostrava. He has worked part time for OKK Koksovny for almost four years and he has tried several different jobs there. He enjoys the work of the fine coke screening machinist the most. There is a good team there and the shift planning flexibility allows him to work and study. He would like to stay with OKK after graduation and develop his skills there. His work at OKK helped him gain valuable experience and become aware of his interests and priorities.

Vojtěch Pelech
Student VŠB, Ostrava

Lukáš Pavlásek is a student of Material Engineering at the Technical University of Ostrava. He has been an intern at ALINVEST for two years; he participates in the research and development team. His work includes assistance with current projects, data analyses and development of new material options. Lukáš is interested in a career in R&D and hopes to specialize more in this area. His colleagues at ALINVEST support him and they have even helped with his bachelor thesis.

Lukáš Pavlásek
Student of Material Engineering VŠB-TUO

Anežka has completed her education at the Secondary School of Pedagogy and is currently studying at the College of Economics and Management with her masters being sociology and psychology. She has been working at Metalimex since March 1, 2023 as an Executive Assistant to CCO (Chief Commercial Officer). Anežka's work includes organizing and managing the CCO's calendar, communicating with division directors, preparing documents and presentations, and organizing various events. In the future, she sees herself in specialized roles in communications such as internal and external communications, crisis communications, conflict resolution, and efficient time management. In her life she values appreciation, trust, love and making her dreams come true. Things she appreciates about working for Metalimex include the work environment, the company culture based on trust and respect, and the opportunities for personal and professional development. In her free time, she enjoys traveling, sports and modeling.

Anežka Číhánková
Student at the College of Economics and Management

This is Ondřej. He has been working at Strojmetal as an administrative assistant for 3 years and during this time he has become an important part of our team. This year Ondřej successfully completed his bachelor's degree. His bachelor's thesis, which he wrote in cooperation with Strojmetal, dealt with the evaluation of impacts of structural design and HVAC on the ambient environment of a manufacturing plant. Strojmetal provided Ondra with a great balance between work and study. Thanks to the flexible working arrangements, he was able to study and work at the same time. When he needed time off to study for his exams, the company management always made it possible. We are proud of Ondřej and his model work. We believe that he will bring many more innovative ideas to Strojmetal. We wish him much success in his further engineering studies at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering.

Ondřej Greš
Student at the University of Chemistry and Technology in Prague

Antonín is studying materials chemistry because of his interest in things with a visible impact. In particular, he is fascinated by the field of metallic materials and their potential. He is currently in the Master's program in Metal Materials at the University of Chemistry and Technology in Prague, where he previously completed his Bachelor's degree in Lithium Battery Materials Research. To gain industrial experience, he is completing an internship at PCI (Povrly Copper Indrustries), which specializes in the processing of copper and its alloys. During the internship he got acquainted with the whole manufacturing process from casting of a brass block to the processing of the final product. In the future, he plans to conduct research on the microstructure and properties of materials with modern technologies and apply his results on an industrial scale.

Antonín Ďurana
Student at the Faculty of Engineering, Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague

Professional experience, internship, part-time jobs

Work experience

The MTX Group prepares young people for their future career by providing quality professional experience. Students for the programme are selected based on set criteria and in cooperation with the school. The objective of the work experience is to allow students gain practical experience and skills that can help them find a job in the MTX Group and start their future professional career. The cooperation with schools and organization of work experience are one of the most important elements of the educational strategy of the MTX Group. Are you interested in work experience? Let us know.

Part-time jobs
Besides other vacancies, our companies also offer short-term job opportunities, ideal for students looking for a part-time job during their studies or during the summer break. Such opportunities offer several advantages, such as gaining practical experience in the industrial field, the opportunity to experience what it is like to “go to work” or to start one’s own future career. We offer attractive short-term job opportunities suitable for students and for people looking for opportunities to gain experience in their field of study. Do not hesitate to contact us if interested.

Bachelor and diploma theses, scholarship, graduate trainee programmes

Bachelor, diploma theses
The cooperation in bachelor or diploma theses brings students a lot of advantages and an opportunity to actively influence their future career. Students can combine their theoretical and practical experience and resolve actual real topics. Do not hesitate to contact our HR department and arrange for cooperation on your bachelor or diploma thesis.

Scholarship is a great opportunity for students and graduates to develop and improve their career. The main advantages of the MTX Group scholarship programme include a direct relation to work experience, gaining practical experience and financial motivation. Students are selected based on a set of criteria and the scholarship is paid monthly during the academic year. Contact us to find out more.

Graduate trainee programme
We also offer cooperation to fresh graduates. They can get involved in the fields of their studies or try different positions and then choose the right one.


We offer schools tours of the individual MTX Group companies with the interesting and unique environment of production businesses. We give students the opportunity to see how a real company operates, what technologies they use and what products they offer. If you are a student or a teacher, accept our invitation to see how our production processes actually work, meet our people and technologies and get a first-hand experience of the pulse of a living company. Contact our HR department and arrange a tour for your class.