Companies and industries

AL INVEST Břidličná

An important European and the largest domestic manufacturer of rolled semi-finished aluminium products, mostly operating in the segment of flexible packaging, mechanical engineering, building industry, electrical engineering and automotive industry. AL INVEST includes the TAPA Tábor plant, a leading Czech manufacturer and supplier of flexible packaging for the food-processing industry, non-food products, foodstuff for animals, industry and household.


A Polish-based company offering complete services related to the import, export and storage of coal and coke.

Czech Mill

A modern, evolving company with state-of-the-art technology for processing bituminous coal and with a coal processing plant for bituminous and anthracite multi-dust.

Henry Gas

A company with a mission to bring an independent and renewable energy source to the market in the form of renewable natural gas.

ICE Industrial Services

A company focusing on the design and production of new machines and on modernisation of existing equipment, namely for the automotive industry, mechanical engineering, metallurgy, wood-processing industry and other industries. A European leader in industrial automation.


A trading company mostly dealing with commodities, one of the most important businesses in the Central European region.

METALIMEX Deutschland

A seller of products manufactured by OKK and Coal Mill based in Germany, focusing on the market in Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and Great Britain.

MTX Renewables

Smart manufacturing, investment in new technologies, renewable energy sources, recycling and the circular economy – these are the linchpins of the MTX Group’s development, backed by the MTX Renewables energy division. The company is involved in photovoltaic, hydroelectric and wind power projects, as well as the use of municipal and industrial waste.

OKK Koksovny

The largest independent manufacturer of foundry coke in Europe offering, among other things, a wide range of coke for metallurgical production, special metallurgy, heating and other purposes.

PCI Trading

A distributor of brass semi-finished products for the production of small and medium calibre ammunition where the Czech or EU legislation requires an export licence for the arms industry.

Povrly Copper Industries

A traditional manufacturer of rolled and pressed products from copper and brass operating on domestic and international markets mostly in the segment of building industry, metallurgy and the arms trade.


A company dealing with the lease of real estate, apartments and non-residential spaces.


The company provides space and equipment for active family leisure. The company has the best ski resort and bike park in the area. The resort includes a wellness centre and facilities for organizing corporate events.

Strojmetal Aluminium Forging

A company dealing with the production and diagnostics of forged parts made of aluminium alloys for the automotive and transport industries.

Strojmetal Singen GmbH

A company dealing with the sale of forged components made of aluminium alloys for the automotive and transport industries, including product development.

Areas of business

Non-ferrous metals

Aluminium is a material with a particularly high potential. The unlimited recycling and low specific gravity makes it ideal in all areas where light weight and good mechanical properties are advantageous, especially in the means of transport.

Energy commodities

We have always focused on work with energy commodities based on bituminous coal. Despite all the challenges related to their use, those commodities are undoubtedly an important part of the energy base.


We consider packaging, particularly the flexible one, a means of reducing the world consumption of food. In synergy with our activities in aluminium and recycling, we endeavour to avoid a negative effect on the environment despite the increased consumption of packaging.

Trading and capital services

Our business is rooted in commodity trading. At present, in addition to trading, we also offer hedging, including exchange rate risks.


Considering the needs of the Group, we support such services that let our companies effectively develop their activities also in areas they would hardly manage on their own. Industrial automation is the core area of interest.